Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sewing Room chaos

I would like to call this my "sewing studio", but that has visions of neatly placed items with a large picture window, and possibly a door heading straight out onto a lovely deck with a view of nature all around. Right! This is my sewing room during mad sewing time - call it chaos!

Time to clean up and get things back in place - somewhere. Thread needs to go into a case or be covered to keep off the dust (although I do go through it very quickly!). Laces need tucked back into their boxes, the display wall needs swept off (all those threads!), wastebasket needs emptied, and many other things put away! Could it possible I have too much? Never! Just need to find a spot for it all. Have several more thread racks for the wall.

Fabric in quite a few areas. This is where I pull most of the daily fab from - like to see the colors and types of fabric quickly and just grab a roll and sew (more hidden in cupboards).

All machines are always up and ready to go. I do sew standing up so I can move quickly from one to another. Have a quilt ready to go on the quilting frame, just have to get to it soon. I have a marvelous VERY large sewing table. Easy to sew on, cut on, and right now keep stacked with projects and future projects. Large enough to cut out those quilt pieces and work on large applique.

The embroidery machine is tucked in the corner. Yep! It does have a chair. Not sure why as I don't use it. Just load the thread and jump back to another machine.

The ironing board is a lovely wooden one. Was actually my mother's many (many) years ago. I do love using it!

Now, what to clean up first! I didn't even show you the other areas where all the books are (and boxes of projects). That is a clean up for another day!

Suggestions? Anything!

Happy Sewing! (and cleaning)


Maryissewfast said...

Looks like home to me!!! :)

Charlene said...

It certainly is comfy and I don't worry about messing things up - they already are! Love to see yours.