Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Silk purse and handles


Which do you think fits the size of the purse? All finished except the handle and just not sure. Sad the photos don't really show the colors in the purse and in the couching, and appliques.

Large handle?

Smaller handle?

Leave a comment or email me your thoughts - I can have the purse finished by the weekend.

Happy Sewing!


Peace Thyme said...

IMO, definitely the large! Cute!

Charlene said...

Thanks! i had fun with it. Certainly makes a difference in the final purse between the handles, doesn't it? Will get it finished later tomorrow.

Pokey said...

It has a great look! How do you like to carry your purse, that's how I decide on my handles.
For me, it would be the large because I do not want to have my purse in my hands always.

Charlene said...

Good point. I usually do place purses over a shoulder to keep out of my way. That leads to the larger one.