Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mylar Film for Sunbonnet Sue

The Mylar film is positively addicting! Once you begin you will continue to find new ways to use it. Although I have an embroidery machine, and yesterday stitched the butterfly, I wanted to use just the sewing machine for my Sunbonnet Sue. What fun! Use whatever stitches you wish when sewing the film on. Get them close together so the film adheres good to your fabric, but not really dense. Let the shimmer shine through!

  1. Trace a pattern on the right side of your fabric. Straight stitch around if you wish.
  2. Place a piece of Mylar onto a section.
  3. Choose a stitch pattern and begin filling in. I finished off the edge with the satin stitch.
  4. Cut the excess Mylar. Repeat the process for each section.

Although the top of her hat is now a different color from the brim, Mylar is under both. The color difference is due to the choice of thread color. She now sparkles and shimmers! A bit of lace and she was finished.

If you missed yesterday's post. I got my Mylar film from Heirlooms By Sharon

Let me know what you try. Love to share the photos with all.

Happy Sewing!

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