Sunday, April 11, 2010

Organize and Sew!

I need to have most things "in their place", as my mother always said, before I can begin sewing. That includes the house, office area, and the sewing room. That can eat up loads of my sewing time! I am needles to play with, some new fabric just came in, and all that lovely thread! So, searching for ideas and found some web links to choose from. Have added those for you and just a little bit of sewing tidbits.

Hemstitcher for the Singer Featherweight (and other machines)

The hemstitcher for the Singer FW has a "pincher" that penetrates the fabric, creating the hemstitch holes. Each hole is sewn through at least twice. Practice keeps the pincher heading where it should. Each vintage machine has a specific cover plate. The hemstitching attachment is the same, but always make sure you have the correct plate.

Multi-Cording Foot

Similar to the vintage braiding feet. This one has 3 slots, which guides my cording, thin ribbon, or heavy metallic threads. Choose a straight stitch, or use it for couching. Have fun!

Organize and then sew!

I plan to take a few minutes and read through these again, pick out at least 3 things to do, and begin! I would MUCH rather be sewing!

Happy Stitchery!


Erika Mulvenna said...

Holy cow - I have one of those Hemstitchers and could NEVER figure out what the heck it was before!

Charlene said... least you didn't stick it on your fridge as a memo holder! Hard to figure out some of the older attachments but they are amazing! Dig out the instructions and see what it can do. Lovely stitch!

Happy Stitchery!