Monday, April 19, 2010

Ribbon Metallic thread

Threads fray and break? Love using ribbon metallic threads but takes a bit more preparation to eliminate breakage. Then you are on the way!

Take a close look at the ribbon metallic threads, very flat and ribbon like. This must go through the eye of the needle, and at high sewing speeds, sew without fraying.

  • Choose your needle type wisely. I use metallic needles for all metallic threads, whether the Sulky ribbon metallic or the Maderia. If the thread still breaks, try a top stitch needle. I have used size 90/14 with the ribbon metallics.
  • Choose the needle size to match the thread. The eye of the needle should be about twice the size of the thread. If you can't get the thread through, good hint the size is too small. If you have breakage, go up a size.
  • Adjust the machine's tension. When sewing these samples, my tension was set on 1.5. Play around with it and when it works, jot down for future reference. Remember to have the presser foot down when adjusting the tension.
Happy Stitchery!

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