Friday, April 30, 2010

Threads Magazine June/July Issue

I hope you will check out the Threads Magazine, June/July issue. It will be on sale May 4th. I have an article in it about our lovely vintage presser feet! Always a wonderful time to revisit our vintage tools. They work just as well today as they did many, many years ago when first invented. You can check out the upcoming issue! There are many fabulous articles for your sewing.

Some of our fantastic vintage feet (not noted in the article, but just as cool to use):

There was the single binder and the multi-slotted binder. The only difference were the two guide pins in the multi-slotted. Place your bias tape through them to keep from getting tangled. Another binder made had only two slots. Any are perfect for today's work. So easy to make your own binding. Cut to the right size and insert within the center scroll. The binder "magically" folds and sews it onto your base fabric!

Bias Cutting Gauge
One of the fun-nest and certainly one of my favorites! You may have an over abundance of commercially prepared bias tape to choose from, but nothing adds that special touch to a garment than matching or contrasting trims. Compliments the binder. The Singer lettered one or the Greist numbered one correspond to the slots on the binder. Cut yards and yards of bias tape without the measuring.

Don't you love how quickly it ruffles? AND to be able to ruffle while sewing onto your base fabric is fabulously easy work. Saving time in the sewing room means more time to sew! I recently designed a baby quilt and made my own gathered binding to go around the edge. It did use yards and yards of fabric, but was so much better than buying the commercial packaged ruffled binding. I was also able to match my fabric much better.

You can ruffle it, create puffs, or ruffle your grosgrain!

There are so many more tools we can use. Love the versatility AND being able to use the vintage attachments on my newer Singer Curvy. Best of everything!

Happy Stitchery!


Erika Mulvenna said...

Congrats on your article! I am a subscriber and will keep my eyes peeled for that issue!

Charlene said...

Thank you! A wonderful magazine to work with and love the articles each month.