Monday, May 3, 2010

Aprons, Potholders, and more

Love to sew up gifts! So much fun, especially when using the tools of our sewing trade to make things easier! Use your binder or tape stitching foot to keep the bias tape snugly over your fabric.

Aprons are so easy. There are so many ways to just cut fabric and sew up. Then add any trimming you want. A true statement of your own personality! Take a look at an apron style you like and before long, you will have determined how to "wing it"!

For this apron, I cut two top halves, rounded them in the front. I placed one over the other, measuring until they fit my front measurements. Cut my back tie band. That was basically the top. Trimmed all around with bias tape. Added buttons and buttonhole to adjust, and ready to sew to the bottom piece via the waistband.

The bottom piece is smaller at the top and wider at the bottom. I measured the area I wanted covered in the front and this was my top measurement. The bottom is about 5 inches wider than the top, angled down. Cut out two pieces of long oblong waistband. You want it long enough to cover the front and tie in the back.

Place the two waistband pieces wrong sides together. I turned raw edges of each piece under 1/4 inch (toward the wrong side) Press. I inserted the apron skirt into the band and sewed. Place the top piece you finished in the top opening and sew. I followed up with another line of stitching.

Finished off with a heart shape pocket. The pocket and the bottom hem are trimmed in drapery balled fringe. Love the little balls!

What is an apron without a pot holder?Oodles of patterns are available, but you can also cut your own design. Try an apple shape or cross one front piece over the other. The binder will not sew through this thickness, but your tape stitching foot will do a beautiful job.

Your creativity is unlimited! Just have fun.

The apron design was from "A if for Apron" book, and I will need to look up the potholder pattern. Have you tried the "pinchy" potholders? Fun!

Happy Stitchery!

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