Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bernina Aurora 450

One has to walk before they run.

Learning a new sewing machine is always fun and fascinating. Just learning what it can ultimately do and pushing that envelope a bit more. Even as a skilled sewer, I have many things to learn about what the machine will do, and I will enjoy each step along the way.

The Bernina Aurora 450 is a fantastic sewing machine! Quality seeps from it at every turn. From the accessory case (which tucks nicely onto the machine for travel) to the multitude of stitches, memory capability. Loving the built-in decorative stitches and the alphabet. The bonus of 9mm stitching is amazing and just extends what this machine will do. Everything fits nicely into the included Bernina carrying case. Thank you Bernina!

After eagerly awaiting it's arrival, I did open the box with the zeal of Christmas morning!

Checked out the number of included sewing feet, and thought with happiness of the feet yet to come. Could one person be so lucky?

Yesterday I had a beautiful time at the local Bernina dealer, and sewing shop. If lessons are offered to you, always take them. There are always new things to learn - no matter your skill level! I found the staff caring, accessible, and ever so knowledgeable! Such a minor thing, but I did have trouble with the automatic needle threader. The on-site licensed Bernina technician, Kenny, came right in to check it out. Of course it was "human" error! I am very glad to say I don't have any troubles with it. Lessons were given by Linda, another fabulous and very kind member of the staff. The time flew by so quickly! I will anxiously await the next lesson time. Meantime, I am happily sewing and embellishing some items.

Pohlar Fabrics, outside of Liberty Indiana, a Bernina dealer and fabric shop must be the best-kept secret in Indiana. Although I live in Ohio, I chose this dealer due to the location and distance from me. Beautiful and relaxing drive there. Once you arrive, you are met with smiles and bolts and bolts of fabric! Notions and accessories and sewing machines! They do carry Eleanor Burns, Moda, Marcus Bros, Thimbleberries, and more fabrics. You MUST check them out, both the web site and a road trip! You will be greeted by Rose and Kenny Pohlar, and their wonderful staff!

I did learn quite a bit about all those wonderful computerized buttons on my machine. The Mastery book is huge! and takes you step-by-step. I always keep a journal of my sewing and settings. The book is made so you can tuck your sewing sample in the proper spots.

For now, back to learning the Bernina Aurora 450. Did you know you can purchase the embroidery module for it? Now that is dangerous news for a sewing junkie to have!

Happy Stitchery!

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