Monday, May 10, 2010

Covering cushions

Covered Patio cushions today! They now have a fresh, new look for the summer months. Go ahead and get started on yours. Covering cushions may appear intimidating, but give it a try!

Tips -
  • Choose fabric suitable for outdoors. After all the time you spend sewing, you want them to last through several summers.
  • Choose sewing machine thread accordingly. Use a heavy duty thread that stands up to the elements and doesn't deteriorate. I used monofilament threads designed for outdoor items.
  • Remember to change your sewing machine needle to accommodate your heavier thread size. If you have trouble threading the needle, then the thread is too small.
  • When recovering cushions, grab that seam ripper! Take the cushions apart and use the pieces as your pattern. Gives you a perfect fit without all the measuring.
  • If there is cording on the present cushion you might be able to reuse it. Check the condition and if still strong, recover the filler cord with your new fabric. Save money!
  • For quick and easy, eliminate zippers. Sew the cushion on three sides, insert the cushion and sew the last side closed. Voila! Finished!
Just enjoy the process!
Now, grab a glass of iced tea, sit back, and relax!

Happy Stitchery!

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