Thursday, May 27, 2010

Recycle jeans!

Time for summer skirts, not long jeans! Grab an outdated pair and just make into a skirt.

  • Fold a leg up to the center, and cut off at the fold. This makes sure you have enough fabric for the insert. Set the bottom parts of the leg aside.
  • Working with the "half jeans", cut up the inside seam all the way around.

  • At the top, fold like a tepee, mark and cut.
  • Lay one side of the pants flat. Mark a straight line from the bottom of the leg to the center. Cut. You are wanting a nice straight seam (when you cut the 'tepee' it was crooked, right?).
  • Now to cut the bottom part of the legs to fit. Find the seam that is NOT the french seam. Cut this open.

  • Open the leg up, slide under the "soon to be skirt". Line the french seam up. Pin all around about 2 to 3 inches from the raw edges.
  • Choose a matching or contrasting color of bias binding. I used 2.5 yards of extra wide double fold bias tape.
  • Begin at the bottom of the skirt, and slide the bias tape around the top raw edge (the bias tape is only around the top raw edge, but is sewn to all layers). Pin down. Go around the opening.
  • Sew along both sides (double row of stitches).
  • Turn to the wrong side and cut the excess insert fabric; trimming close to the edge.

  • I wanted to add something to the front, to take away from the drab jeans. I grabbed a vintage table napkin with lace along the edge and at one corner.
  • For the front, cut the other pants bottom just as you did for the back. Slide it under the front opening just as before. Now slide the napkin on top the pants bottom, but under the top raw edge. Pin everything about 3 inches from the raw edge.
  • Pin and sew the bias tape just as you did the back. Again, just folding around the top raw edge, but sewing all layers.
  • Turn to the wrong side and trim all the excess as before.
  • Hem and you are finished! Add a bow.

This is a good time to grab that jean-a-ma-jig. I learned Bernina has a special accessory for this.

I could have serged or overcast the raw edges, but for my purpose I will go back and just do a simple zigzag all around.

Happy Stitchery!


Monica D said...

Nice work! I will be trying this version.

Charlene said...

Quick and easy and really no "fussy" cutting or measuring. Now that summer is here, I am pulling out more outdated jeans! New wardrobe.