Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sewing and Gift Ideas

It is never too early to think of gift-giving time! With the many holidays, birthdays, and special occasions throughout the year, get a head start. When I have a few free minutes I work on gift items. Certainly helps during any crunch time!

Embroidery or Punch Needle Folding Case

Many times you can look at something and figure out how to make it. No pattern here, just followed a late 1800's leather sewing case.

I used a wool fabric which was thick enough to not need interfacing. Cut two pieces of fabric the length and width you want your case. I was putting needle punch floss and tools in it, so I made sure that was the width plus a couple of inches. To sew the slots for my floss, lay one piece of fabric flat and right side up. I cut a strip of elastic cording about an inch shorter than the width. Placing it along the center, pin in place. With a running backstitch, I went along and every 1/2 inch sewed it down. This secured it, but formed the loops to slide the threads and tools in.

I wanted a strip around the center which supported the button and button loop. On the second piece of fabric, place your strip along the center and sew in place. After sewing, I pulled the threads to get the fringy look.

Place the two pieces wrong sides together and stitch the outside edge. I serged mine, yet you could embellish the edge any way you wish. Sew your button on and make a button loop. Finished!

Will show other gift items over the next days!

Enjoy and Happy Stitchery!

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