Saturday, June 19, 2010

BERNINA Sewing Machine Feet

When FedEx arrived with the BERNINA sewing machine feet, it was certainly a very exciting time. After quickly ripping through the packaging, I found a wonderful BERNINA accessory case filled with all types of sewing machine feet. BERNINA does have the largest selection of feet for every sewing project. I believe there are at least 90 different types. Now I have a new goal - to accumulate each and every one of them!

First, I head to the sewing room to give each one a try. In order to share tips and some hints with you, I look at the design of each foot and begin sewing. When I have learned the purpose and how to best set the machine, I begin exploring "out of the box" to find other ways to use each foot. Once you learn how to use a ruffler (for example) from one machine model, the design and basic characteristics are the same for other models. Remember though to always explore your new foot further as you may find a delightful addition such as a hidden hole to add cording!

Enjoy your feet and happy sewing!


Donna Hodgson said...

So, those feet are for your 450? Great. I have a 430 and will be reading with anticipation. Thanks.

Charlene said...

yes, they are for my BERNINA 450. Having a wonderful time. photos and some tips will follow.

Happy Sewing!

Anonymous said...

would love an accessory box like one picture where did you get it from? Thanks