Saturday, June 5, 2010

day of shopping and a second Willcox & Gibbs

Another lovely day in Lancaster, PA. Started the day with breakfast in Intercourse, PA at the Kettle House restaurant at Kettle House Village. Coffee next!

After a filling meal and coffee, it was off shopping. Loved the Quilt Village! All quilts, purses, totes, and more are hand made by those locally. That is worth seeing! So love to see when our craft is being used and treasured!

Then off treasure hunting at local antique shops. Found a couple of nice attachments and sewing books in Paradise, PA. The next stop we hit gold! A Willcox & Gibbs treadle was sitting in the corner just waiting for us! Needs quite a bit of cleaning but wait til you see how it folds down into the cabinet! I believe all the attachments and the original book are there. A quick look makes me think they are! The tucker is an outstanding attachment on the W&G. Fits so nicely and sews the best tucks! So the weekend garnered not just one W&G, but two! They must come in pairs.

Strausburg, PA was next. Another stop for ice cream and iced coffee. Several more stops but we had found out treasures for the day! Back to the camper for a quick peek at the electric W& G. Beautiful! We just had to open the box up and set it out on the picnic table. It fits just perfectly into its carrying box.

Photos when we get home of the W&G treadle. It is tucked into the back of the truck. Also found two full puzzle boxes! A very good day for sure.

Anxious to get home to get everything out and to check on the painting at the house. It is coming along nicely.

Happy Stitchery!

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