Friday, June 4, 2010

Lancaster TOGA

Fabulous, wonderful group of people and all under one roof talking about sewing machines, sewing attachments, fabric, and anything sewing related. All sharing knowledge and helping each other. That is a TOGA. TreadleOn members get together around the country to share, swap, and some selling. That is where I got lucky! Gorgeous Willcox & Gibbs electric and in its own carrying case. Must weight in at a zillion pounds as I can't lift it an inch off the ground, but others stronger seemed to have no trouble. Beautiful shape and lovely decals. More photos later when I get home and it is unpacked from its box.

"TOGA is the acronym for Treadle On Gathering and Academy. "Treadle On is a website and e-mail list for people who collect and use old fashioned treadle ( or hand crank) sewing machines. The group also happily welcomes newbies who may have just acquired their first vintage or antique sewing machine, or are looking to obtain their first machine. The original and main Treadle On e-mail list was founded by Richard Wightman and info on joining his e-mail list can be found at The purpose of each TOGA is for experienced as well as new people interested in this hobby to gather and have fun teaching each other about various aspects of this hobby." - taken from the Lancaster TOGA info sheet

The invaluable hostess for this event in Gap, PA (near Lancaster) was Trina! She deserves a giant THANK YOU for all the time put in. Photos of this lovely gal later.

This is Dianne demonstrating Singer attachments for the sewing attachment class. Was so nice to be the "fly on the wall" and just enjoy listening to her! Rebecca demonstrated the W & G.

Some super participants in the class - Dana from NC (it was North, right Dana?)

In the center is Cindy Peters from Minnesota. Need anything for your older sewing machine, she is the gal to contact. Next comes Annie who gave a presentation on Civil War quilts.

A two-day event full of fun, learning, and sharing! Thank you everyone for making me feel right at home. I enjoyed meeting each and every person, and signing your books. Thank you!

Happy Stitchery!


FireDragon said...

Thank you for signing my book. It was so nice to meet you. Wish I had seen your new W&G.

Charlene said...

So nice to meet YOU! Hubbie bought the electric W&G before it even entered the building. Later we found the neat treadle W&G - double lucky!