Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sewing Frustrations

Sewing should always be an enjoyable time; relaxing and satisfying. However, we all run into problems with either new fabric types, threads, sewing feet, and even needles. There are many checklists dealing with your machine, but few covering all the other areas of sewing. When to reduce your tension, take a shorter stitch length, or when to adjust your bobbin - all can stop your sewing and cause frustration.

I love reading the many tips you have sent to me, and fellow sewers are the best when it comes to sharing. You have sent me your tips, now what about those frustrating moments? Does working with silk fabrics cause you grief, or advanced techniques like cutwork?

Over the years I have received many questions. Sometimes I have a quick response, and other times I need to replicate the problem. That leads to a solution. Send me an email, or just respond below.

Happy stitchery,

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