Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage Automatic Embroidery Attachment

It is always exciting to find new attachments from our sewing past. I had not seen one of these before and was excited to try it out. Made so simply, but works beautifully!

Simply slide the small attachment onto the left toe of your presser foot. Slide the braid or thick yarn through the slot and under the foot. Look down where the needle fall to make sure stitching will fall in the center. If not, you can slide it to where it will sew perfectly.

Lower the presser foot and sew a straight stitch. You will be so amazed at the accuracy of this tiny little attachment! I tried it on my Willcox & Gibbs, on my Singer 221, and my 301. For each one I needed to adjust the width to fit on the toe of the presser foot, but that was all. How easy is that?

The instructions ((what a find to both be together!) give you ideas of what types of braid to use, how to adjust it, and using an embroidery pattern. I just did a quick straight line, but will now work on some curves and patterns!

The original price was 50 cents, and was sold by the Diles Sales Co, Detroit Lakes, minnesota. They only mailed within the United States. No date on the instructions but it was with my treadle Willcox & Gibbs. There is one more "different" attachment that was in the box and will try it next! I am truly a lucky and blessed gal!

Happy stitchery!

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