Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quick and Easy Belt Loops

Making belt loops out of heavy fabric, such as denim and wools, can be tricky and VERY hard to turn the small tubes of fabric.

Using the blind stitch on your sewing machine, the zigzag foot, and your edgestitcher make quick and easy work. Eliminates any turning of the fabric tubes. The blind stitch lets the fabric lay flat.

  1. Fold the belt loop strip in half, wrong sides together. Select the zigzag foot and the blind stitch pattern.

  2. Stitch along the raw edges, ensuring the straight stitch falls off the fabric and the zigzag stitches are on the fabric.
  3. Refold the belt loop with the stitching in the center. Press.
  4. Select the straight stitch and put on the edgestitcher. I used BERNINA #5 foot. Topstitch both sides. If your machine has needle positions, select one to the far left or right as necessary.

Happy Stitchery!

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