Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yo Yo Necklace

Each of us have special talents, and mine is not making necklaces! I saw a beautiful necklace made from fabric yo-yo's and beads. Easy, I thought. Yes, it was easy and fun to do. However, the one I saw looked so much nicer than mine! Hints please!!!

I will still share how I did mine, and you can chime in with many, many suggestions for me.

I gathered my yo-yo's, thick threading, beads, needle, and needle threader.
I used a serger threader to thread my cording.
Next, I began stringing the yo-yo's, some beads, and more yo-yo's.
At the end of each set of yo-yo's, I wove the cording in and out of the last one to anchor it. I also went in and out of the last bead. This kept everything nice and snug together.

I tied the two cording ends together and was finished.

Suggestions? Smaller yo-yo's? Different cording? Less yo-yo's?

I had a fun time anyway and I know a couple of granddaughers who may just love to wear it!

Happy Stitchery,