Monday, August 30, 2010


New fabric always finds its way to my sewing room. Some new projects! Left to right will be grand daughter's quilt (still need more fabric - what fun!). She wants a purple quilt with 4 red flowers, middle will be pillow cases, right one is unknown - waiting for the fabric to talk to me!
Below left more pillowcases and the lovely strips will be scarfs and maybe a very light lap quilt. it does feel so soft!

Just looking around the sewing room gives me something to think about. Loads of storage! Love tons of thread. Love to make purses and more tucked in other areas, plus cell phone bags.

Some very old quilt pictures I did many (many!) years ago. Loved to quilt the homes lived in. didn't live in the far left one - just went from a photo I liked. Other two are real houses, done primitively.

Course love books and this is just a tiny bit of them. Cell phone purses, my inspirational quilt panel - YES! We can Quilt it!
Course no sewing room is complete without our plans to sew like my ruffled rug, and quilt tops still to be completed. Also UFOs of totes, skirt, top, dress, crazy quilt wall hanging, aprons, and then all those ideas! Whew! Love it!

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Happy Stitchery!

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