Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Positive Affirmations

Has been a bit since the last blog, and hoping you enjoy the sewing tips and hints. No matter where I go, I always learn something new. No matter the level of sewing, or level of life, a nugget is out there waiting. In several weeks will begin mastery lessons using the embroidery module of my BERNINA 450. Have used embroidery machines for eons, but look forward to the fellowship with other sewers, the teachers, and just picking up some new nuggets of information. Of course I will share!

Always nice to just step back and "take stock" of what is going on - the important things in life. Sharing is an important part of who I am - whether it is sewing or as a Independent Senior Beauty Consultant. Very satisfying when others can see the potential in themselves, that I have seen all the time. Definitely a motto of "I can do it." Whatever you put your mind to, you can do! So aim high.

Take just a few minutes and set yourself a goal. Tell yourself a fabulous affirmation, "Why do I love to share sewing tips.", "Why does helping others see the inner beauty satisfy me?". Set yours!

As always - Happy Stitchery! and Happy Life!

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