Friday, October 29, 2010

What have I been up to?

Hello Blogger Friends!

Where in the world have I been lately? I have missed all of you, and sharing tips and patterns. It has been a very busy time of late - some good and some more stressful. Hoping you will excuse my absence, keep me on your blog list, and pass it on to other sewing friends!

I am presently working on the second book and it is coming along very nicely. I am SO excited about this one and hope it will help new sewers and you that are so very experienced. Full of reference information, tips, and new techniques to try! Remember, I have always started in the same spot as everyone- we all start at the beginning and add to our sewing repertoire. I am blessed to work again with the publisher staff at F+W Media (Krause Publications). A giant thanks to all involved!

I have been readying for the upcoming photo shoot and sewing up a storm with samples and step-by-steps. Visuals are so important when trying something new and I so so want them perfect for you! So much of my time has been spent hibernating in the sewing room, surrounded by gorgeous fabrics, threads, specialty needles, stabilizers, and more! Sometimes it is a whirlwind of a mess - and at times the trash can gets pretty full! Happens to all of us, doesn't it?

I do keep a nice sewing journal and is so invaluable when wanting to replicate the stitches later on! Good habit to start if not doing it already. If you haven't been following me on Facebook for The Sew Box, jump on over and joinin the daily happenings and sharing among friends! When you get there, holler a giant "hello" to me and the group! Tell us what you are sewing.

What else of late?
When not hibernating in the sewing room, I am building my Mary Kay business. I have several new team members (and always looking for more sharp gals who want to add to the home income! Would love to have you join me in this fabulous business). What other company stresses the importance of God first, family second, and business third? and a very supportive group of friends! Also readying for holiday specials - gifts, stocking stuffers, and such. All those items you need for a neighbor, teacher, or special friend. Trying to add that special sewing touch to them all. Makes it more personal, doesn't it? Have Holiday Open House scheduled - a nice time to just look, and take with you. Many already wrapped! Just have something you need? jump over to my Mary Kay website and say Hello!Have a gift you need and want a personal touch added? Let me know and ready to help! Try the Personal Virtual Makeover - fun way to change colors, hair styles, and even hair color.
and What Else?
Alternating between the sewing room, Mary kay facials (yes, I love to hold facials!), and trips to the hospital. Dear sister has been in there now for, let's see, today it will be 29 days! She is my hero for sure! We always hurt when someone we love dearly is hurting, don't we? Any chance you get this holiday season to help some one, whether in the hospital, a nursing home, or just shut-in the house - jump right in and do anything for them! Simple things like cards, and just a quick call can make such a huge difference! Always follow your heart and you will never go wrong!

As you see, a very busy time of late but I never forget my friends,such as all of you. Have a very blessed day and PLEASE let me know what you are doing, sewing, or just your day-to-day life fun and trials. Jump to Facebook and visit, send me an email, run over to the Mary Kay site & find something for a special person, and my website is always open 24/7 - well actually they all are! Best thing about the internet!

I have started adding new items to the website. When buying materials for the book, I find some that are very hard to find! What do you need me to carry? What will help in in your sewing? We always try to keep the attachments in stock, and do special orders.

A new item on the site is the Stitch & Ditch Heirloom stabilizer. I am using TONS of this for my delicate stitches. What a find! Love it!
Keep me posted on YOU! and love to hear from all of you. Evenings are spent answering emails and posts and I do love each minute I spend.

From me to you - have a fabulous day and do something right now for YOU and your dear friends.

Happy Stitchery,

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