Thursday, January 27, 2011

Singer Mini-max skirt marker - COOL TOOL

I call this my new "Cool Tool". I have used the other skirt markers with the puff/powder markers and of course leaves chalky powder behind to clean up. This one lets you just put the pins right in, AND exactly where you want them. I found two of these little beauties, and one is staying right beside my dress form, "Matilda", and the other placed for sale (link below or email me about it).

OK, why is this such a cool tool to have in the sewing room? So quick and easy to mark your hems. I place my skirt on Matilda and am done in no time, and already pinned either ready to sew or to cut off excess fabric, and press. I find I use it two ways depending on the hem and hem length.

  1. I mark where my hem will be. Then cut off the excess fabric, press where pins are, and then hem.
  2. I have already cut my hem width, and need to pin for pressing. Then just ready to sew/hem.
This was made during the era of mini-skirts, and nope! not for me but comes in handy for all my hemming. Really great for those flared skirts!

Allows you to mark your hems from about 7" to 28". Has the metal base with a built-in pin cushion - very handy!

When you push the metal marker up, there is a groove on each side to let you slide the pin in. AND it actually stays in place. Love that! I always have to take my hat off to those inventors!

This is one nifty tool to use. So, now Matilda has a new best friend!
Find my extra one here!

Happy Stitchery!

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i have never workt whit a sewing machine that is stronger than singer proof me wrong