Monday, January 24, 2011

Spring Time Tissue Holder

Time to think SPRING!
Cold temperatures and loads of snow in SW Ohio, so time to dream of spring! Grabbed the Swedish Tracing Paper and began measuring away. The idea is sound (or will see tomorrow when it is finished!). The idea is a springy colored tissue holder, wAdd Videoith green leaves (stuffed for texture) and bright flowers on the top! So, time to measure and draw.
Placing the tissue holder in the center of my paper (love that Swedish Tracing paper!),measured out and gave enough room to cover the top. I allowed myself a nice 22 x 22 inch square. Will see tomorrow how much over I really am! Add a 1/2 inch for the seam allowance, and begin drawing. Cut the corners out and have the first pattern. Next tentatively cut pattern for the leaves and the top flowers. The leaves will be stuffed for some nice texture, and sewn to the top. At least one side leaf (maybe two) will be held down with velcro. Need to get the tissue paper in and out! Will work on the actual design as I sew. With the top open, the velcro will keep in closed after adding the box of tissues. More definite tomorrow!

Best part of using Swedish Tracing paper is I can sew it before even cutting into my fabric! Make any adjustments and ready to cut & sew!

Happy stitchery!

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