Friday, February 11, 2011

BERNINA Edgestitch Foot #10C

I get lots of questions as to my favorite machine foot, especially after publishing The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook. Can I fudge and say, it really depends on what project I am presently working on? Right now I have been doing loads of topstitching, and edge stitching - on quilted fabrics, denims, and cottons. Also great for some quilting projects for the stitch-in-the ditch. So...... right now I name my top favorite foot as the Edgestitch Foot #10C, using my BERNINA. Remember, there are also wonderful edge stitching (edge joiner) feet for your low, high, and slant shank machines. Grab one and see what it can do for you!

The metal guide keeps my fabric lined up nicely with the needle, getting an even seam all around. Whether sewing straight lines of curves, I am not disappointed and the sewing goes quickly.

Today I began appliqueing flowers and leaves to my "soon-to-be" pot holders. Working only on one layer of wool, I did a simple outline stitch. Monofilament thread is used so thread color doesn't distract from the design. Simple felt pieces sewn onto the layer of wool, but easy with this foot; going around curves quite easily.
Tomorow will finish the pot holder; and who knows? Just maybe my favorite foot will change when I add the binding!

Happy Stitchery!


Judy said...

I was trying this foot as a stitch in a ditch on my quilt of triangles. It was hard for me to see the needle when coming to the point. The foot is large. I ended up using my Pfaff with the clear same foot and it was much easier to se when I came up to the point. There is a 1/4 amount from the edge back to the needle. If I use it more I think it will be easier for me. In your sewing example I think it is a.great idea. Thank you. Judy

Charlene said...

The more I use it, the easier it gets to judge by the back of the actual foot when come to corners. Will try to take a pic to show that. I do use my open toe A LOT because of the huge visibility.