Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spring Tissue Holder

With all the ice, snow, and sleet falling outside it is time to think spring! So, a springy tissue holder was in order.

Love using Swedish tracing paper as can "practice" on it, instead of cutting into the fabric straight away. Several days ago I traced out my design on the tracing paper, and cut it out. Then life got in the way and didn't finish right away. Good thing! After a couple of days, I realized I was approaching the cover in the wrong way! I had designed it to have a bottom and the leaves would have velcro to hold one side down (to slide in the tissue box). That was the hard way!

So, a retracing and recutting of the Swedish tracing paper and I had several simple patterns instead of this bulky thing I was starting with. One of those "Duh" moments!

Using just several fat quarters I was able to cut the sides, top, flowers, and leaves. Some batting pieces and I was ready to sew. I could have used the walking foot but choose BERNINA couching foot to do my free motion. Just a little was needed since the leaves would cover most of the sides. If not adding the leaves, I could have done some fancy couching for designs!

To the top I sewed on the flower and the center "bud", and sewed the straight lines (where I would cut) along the top. Some zigzag to keep from fraying and cut along the straight seam lines. I wanted my holder to have more texture, so used pinking shears along all edges instead of a nice finish. Yes, I have on my fingerless gloves! Cold outside and helps hold the fabric as I sew.

Ready to sew the top to the sides. Sew all four sides together to form a "box". Pin the top piece, inserting the leaves into each side.

Place over the tissue box and finished! Ready for spring!

Happy Stitchery!

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Dora, the Quilter said...

It is, indeed, springy--a hope we need with this monster storm attacking 60% of the country.