Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mend that hole with Angelina Fiber

How to mend a hole and still have a nice looking blouse? I turned to the Angelina Fiber, comes now as the lovely feeling "angel hair" and also on a roll as a thin film. A variety of colors, I believe 18 to choose from. Angelina fiber and film only stick to themselves with the touch of an iron, and most are washable, dry cleanable - so fun to use and durable!

Tossed some of the pale pink "angel hair" Angelina fiber on the pressing cloth (I use the teflon and it peels right off). I had cut some of the silver film from the roll and just tossed down like confetti. Fold the pressing cloth over to cover, and press! Done! Ready to sew over my hole.
Just a straight stitch all around and then choose a decorative stitch pattern. Start to finish? About 5 minutes and the blouse is again ready to wear!

We will soon have the Angelina Fiber on a roll available in the store - Try just one roll and you will be hooked! Only trouble with Angelina Fiber or the film is photography! No flash and too dark, use the flash and still doesn't give you the luscious colors!

Happy stitchery!

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