Thursday, March 3, 2011


What can you do with a potholder besides pull that wonderful sheet of cookies from the oven? Potholders have been around sincewoman begancooking (I am sure!). I remember how aprons served as potholders in a quick pinch, especially some that had such nice pockets that were ALSO padded and was a 'built-in" potholder.

Just looking at some several weeks ago, and I started thinking of what else could be made? So, I gathered some new I had stashed away and some vintage ones. Will share my tiny bit of "potholder magic" through several blogs. Just plain fun to head to the sewing room and see what can be done! Very relaxing!

What about a small purse? Something to just tuck in enough money or credit card, drivers license and head to the sewing store? After all, a large purse just keeps one hand full that can be carrying fabric and notions to the counter!

I used a "double" potholder. Fold up the front (with opening - first picture) about 2/3 of the way. Fold the "top" over and use the looper as a button closure. Must use a heavy duty needle and thread and sew the sides. I did a tiny zizag also, just to be sure of security. Add a button and DONE! I can tuck small items in the pocket outside, and cash and license in the inside pocket. Could put the cell phone in one of the pockets also. I plan to add a nice gold chain so I can shop hands-free!

What can you do with a potholder? Tried an activity book to keep little ones busy? Next up! and it was truly fun to do!

Happy Stitchery,

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