Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Altering pants

I had almost forgotten how quickly you can alter the waist pant ofmost pants! Finally took a few minutes (actually took me about 10) to fix my own pants!

Pull out the seam ripper and begin! Try the pants on and determine how much to take up or to let out. You would be surprised how much seam allowance is in a nice pair of pants.
  1. Rip the seams holding the waist band to the pants. Give yourself enough room to work!
  2. Measure the amount to take in (in my case a nice tug and they were falling off). Mark this on both the pants and the waistband.
  3. Fold right sides together and be sure there aren't any "bubbles"; keeping fabric straight with the previous seam.
  4. Begin sewing at the top. When taking pants ina tad, you will always need to begin narrowing the seam allowance down to almost nothing. This keeps the nice fit in the back.
  5. Pin the waist band at your mark; checking again that waistband seam and pant seam will match. Sew the band.
  6. Try them on for one more fit! Don't cut yet until you are sure they are perfect!
  7. Finish seams of both the waistband and the pants.
  8. You will quickly see how they go back together.Sew the top of pants to waistband edge. Fold the waistband over to cover the raw seam, and topstitch. In my case I did several rows to topstitching to match the previous ones.
DONE! Now wear them with pride!

Happy Stitchery,

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