Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Serged house shoes

OK - what sewer can wait to try out a machine? Certainly not me! Threading the Bernina was a cinch and in about 10 minutes I had a pair of house shoes cut out and serged together. A VERY quick (and not perfect) project, but still very comfy! Will do more tomorrow and put in a thicker sole and a more narrow stitch. Simply placed the foot on a piece of paper and outlined. Added about 1/4 inch to allow for a tad cut off as serged. The top was cut out larger to give foot room.

Happy Stitchery!


sondray said...

Did you put any filler (batting) in your slippers? I would love to make slippers on the serger, thanks for sharing yours.

Charlene said...

Yes, I did put batting between the two fabrics. Serged very nicely! and so comfy. Give it a try.


Monica D said...

Well done!

woolywoman said...

I wonder if you could slide the sole of a pair of those cheap plastic flip flops inside- it would insulate from the floor and give more cushion. Thanks for the idea!

Charlene said...

Now that's a thought. Might give it a try. Maybe need to serge each piece separately all around to keep from fraying. Then serge together leaving an opening, slide the soles in, and hand sew the opening closed. Give it a try and let us know!