Friday, May 20, 2011

Serger thread catcher

A new serger certainly deserves a new thread catcher, especially one sewn using the serger.

Although the BERNINA 1300MDC doesn't move, nor vibrate a bit - I decided on a quilted fabric that will actually sit under the BERNINA serger and hang down. A nice large pocket to catch the threads and other smaller ones to old tools.

First decision was which side to use of the quilted fabric! I decided to fold over so I get both looks. Pockets in a nice green should complete the look. Quickly serged both short ends, then folded the top down about 1/3 and serged the sides.
First part completed, and now to begin on the pockets! Nice large one to catch the fabric and smaller ones for tools. Thinking of using the coverstitch to sew the pockets on. Will see as I go along. Always, always try some test samples first before cutting into that precious fabric.
Several ways to secure the ends threads. For this I left a tail, threaded a large eyed needle, and wove back through the serged edges. Cut off the excess.

Now on to the pockets!

Happy Stitchery!

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