Saturday, May 21, 2011

Serger Thread Catcher

Finished the thread catcher pocket and today will add the other smaller pockets for tools. Nice to design your own! Tools I use all the time (and not tucked into the Bernina cover) I can make pockets the right size and as many as needed. I added medium weight stabilizer to give the pocket some firmness. At the bottom is a nice 'tuck' so it stays open. Got to let that fabric slide right into it!
I did use the cover stitch to put the pocket on - just trying out the concept. Like the double lines it gives (could have gone with 3 lines with the 4-thread cover stitch). Pulled the excess threads to the wrong side and tied off.
Going to add the smaller pockets with the sewing machine. Only so much fabric will fit on the serger. Before adding though will give it a little embellishment using the cover stitch. Nice way to play and learn your machine!

Have a fabulous day and pull that serger out!
Happy Stitchery,

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