Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fusible Stabilizer/Interfacing tips

Try to eliminate those bubbles and they just won't leave? There are some tips I use to keep all bubbles to a minimum.

  • Prewash all fabric. Most companies add a sizing to the fabric. This makes the glue of the fusibles hard to adhere properly.
  • Grab a spray bottle of water, a thin 100% cotton press cloth. Put iron at high cotton setting (at times with silk I have used a much lower setting). Place fabric wrong side up, fusible with glue side down, and press cloth on top. Saturate the press cloth. PRESS, don't iron until dry. Take your time - not a quick task. Remember to press is to lift the iron up and lay down in a new spot, continue until finished. Ironing is moving back and forth - don't iron. When finished, turn to right side and press this side to remove any additional bubbles.
  • Try fusing to the lining instead of the main fabric. No bubbles at all will show and will be stabilized from the inside out. Not bad at all!
  • Before fusing, warm the fabric. Spritz with water and press until dry. Then fuse.
  • Some fabrics may need to have that low iron setting. Practice! Test! More practice!

Happy Fusing!

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