Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quickly Threading a Serger

Threading your serger can be a daunting task, simply because you are using more than one spool of thread. You might be threading one needle, two needles, and the upper and lower looper. Add in the chain stitch threading and you have 5 new spools of thread! Try a quick and easy way to rethread your machine.

Cut the thread right above the spool. Remove the spool and put on your new thread spool. Tie the two ends together, and cut off excess threads to about an inch or two. You can then either pull the threads through, or serge them through. Go slowly and when you see the new thread close to the needle, stop. Cut the old thread, remove from the needle eye, and rethread with your new color.

Always go slowly so and watch the knot doesn't bend any guides, nor try to enter the needle. This is a fast and easy way to rethread. Only need to rethread one spool. Follow the same process, but with only one new thread moving through the machine.

Have fun and Happy Stitchery!

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