Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Musings

Time for some rambling of thoughts 
(dedicated to a daughter is REALLY smart and perceptive)

A nice Friday, and week seemed fairly slow. Has felt like Friday for at least TWO days now. At least I have been able to enjoy lots of Fridays this week. Would say "ready for the weekend!", yet when working from home everyday seems to run together at times. Have to really work hard to split them up. Today I considered a "day off" for a change; exercised (just started & keeping it up), went fabric shopping at one of my fav quilt shops, then took a nice nap. Now to putter in the sewing room a bit.

Bought lovely rusty orange fabrics for my pumpkin quilt (which I will begin after the granddaughter requested red flower and purple quilt, and after the barnyard quilt, and after the Dr. Seuss quilt - but I have it!).

Aw yes, back to the musing:
I stay really busy as I "own and operate" quite a few businesses. I have always had a huge sewing inventory listed on ebay under the store name The Sew Box, along with the web store The Sew Box. Almost identical inventory on each, except the web store does have a nice SALE section - who doesn't love a sale?, free downloads, and much more information for YOU to read and learn from. That is the main business, and ebay was always the 'add on'.

The change? I will continue having items on ebay, but A LOT less and of different types. At times a nice auction is refreshing and the way to go. Also eliminated the "store" on ebay. Items are still listed as before, and you can see all I have to offer but just not in the store set up with cute categories. A savings for sure, but other reasons abound.

  • Why complicate life more than necessary? One store is enough, and more time to add oodles of good articles and things for YOU at The Sew Box.
  • A savings of money which is crucial in business today. The % taken gets higher and higher, so why continue the same quality of product and time for less?
  • Less frustration for this "perfectionist". A feedback score lower than 100% is certainly not acceptable to this perfectionist! BUT, at the moment it is at 99.9% and I am feeling fine about that. Step one in my "perfectionist relax" program. See, feedback can be left and there isn't any control over what is said or how a buyer "votes". As long as I can always say, "I have remained ethical, honest, caring, responded quickly, and took extra time for them if necessary - then I know I have done my absolute best. Time to remember I cannot control what others may say, so no use worrying. Step one in the "perfectionist relax" program you see.
  • Mentioned the feedback, which remains whether have an ebay store or not. Just felt worth mentioning again (step two in the "perfectionist relax program - repeat, repeat, repeat step one).
  • Isn't it true that "less is more"! Wow, what a profound statement (and one I would never have thought of on my own).
  • Why keep inventory for TWO places? Crazy, right? Back to "less is more".
More time = more time to do what I enjoy! A long list can be made and should be taped to my computer (step three of the "perfectionist relax" program - if you make lists, make them fun!)
  • Family! Enjoying children, grandchildren!
  • Finishing the knitted prayer shawl. Yes, my daughter taught me to knit about 3 years ago and still working on it! Time to pull it out and just knit (nope! I don't "purl").
  • Dabble in sewing room - playing, designing, sewing, and more playing! and remembering "what gets done, gets done" (must be another step in that "perfectionist relax program - just sounds good).
  • Shop! for fabric, or wood (no I don't build things, just love to think of ideas for others and the smell of newly cut wood).
  • Anything else I can think of that I just want to do, and not have to do.
Think I should take every Friday "off", seems more like playing hooky than being off on a Saturday or Sunday..... (OK, I know that phrase is an old one....grin). Off to play in the sewing room!

For you - hoping your days off are relaxing and you always keep your sewing FUN!
Maybe you also have a VERY smart daugher!
Happy stitchery!

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