Saturday, July 2, 2011

Purses and Purses and Totes!

I have found I do LOVE purses, whether making them or buying them - I have WAY more than I can use. I have found purses and totes to be the best medium for learning and demonstrating new techniques. There is just SO much space on a nice size tote!

Time to downsize or I will be overwhelmed with them! Have finally put some on Etsy and beginning to add more. After all, I have to make NEW ones..... :)

Embroider mylar with an embroidery machine or your good old straight stitch.

Couch over beads, threads, yarn

Try a little crochet with feathery thread.....

Upcycle from 1930s fabric 

Add a little bit of 3-D mylar designs to a self-designed bag

Just a short treat of my many purses!

When designing I always use the Swedish Tracing paper - very durable AND I can sew the design first before cutting into my lovely fabric.

Oh, did I mention I also love pin cushions.......

Happy Stitchery!

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