Tuesday, September 6, 2011

National Sewing Month

We have all kinds of special months celebrating so much of what we do, and who we are. September is National Sewing Machine Month and time to celebrate! 

What types of sewing will you do this month? Are you sewing for organizations and hospitals in need? Teaching our younger generation to sew? This is the month to find something - somewhere - that can help others in even a small way. 

What will you plan to do? Let us know! Give a post and tell us of all the fantastic things you are doing for others!

This is a nice time to reflect on all the sewing skills you have, and those you are still wanting to learn. Find your local quilt shop and see what classes are offered. Two of my most favorite and I mean FAVORITE stores in my area are:

Bella Quilts, Hamilton, Ohio - staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and the fabric is outstanding! All types of classes are offered from quilting to hand techniques. Love the Civil War era? Raven is not only the owner, but a true expert! You will find many lovely fabrics replicating the time.

Pohlar Fabrics, Liberty, Indiana - I call my best kept secret in Indiana but as many of you are finding your way there - I guess the cat is out of the bag! You will be greeted by Rose, her daughter Megan, and a wonderful staff. There are bolts upon bolts upon bolts of fabric and it would take a day to see it all!

For myself a little reminiscence - so much to be thankful for and to celebrate this month. My first book, The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook, was a true love to put together. If you haven't found it yet, grab one as stores can sell out quickly. You have all those attachments, both vintage and new, and time to put them to work! They will make your sewing enjoyable.

My second book, The Sewing Machine Classroom, is due to be released shortly and the excitement is high! Need some refresher or just learning to sew? This will give you a very nice reference book to keep by the sewing machine. Special fabrics, special threads, and so many types of needles do take a tad of adjustments on your machine. Learn how AND see some techniques in action. Battenburg lace is still a favorite of mine, or make your own handlooms to decorate and insert. So much is in this book, and in a nice friendly format. Already to be pre-ordered from Amazon. I will receive my advance copies in just a few short weeks. Can not wait!

Now I am working on the next book, so far called Simply Serging. As we go through the writing and editing process the name may change but you get the idea. You will learn a bit about sergers, maybe help you muddle through which one to buy, and then on to so many quick and easy projects! There will be at least 25 in this awesome book and right now I am just having a super time developing and choosing which ones YOU will enjoy the most.

Questions about sergers? I want to include you in this next book. I have already received some great and challenging questions about sergers. Send me yours and it will be included. Send the question to my email charlene@thesewbox.com. Also give me your name and full address. The publisher will want to get your permission to print the question. This is such a fun part of the book! No matter the question, send it on. If you are pondering it, then others are too.

So much fun during the past year - whether I am teaching a class, presenting at a conference, or just playing in the sewing room - I enjoy every minute. AND the best part is "talking" with all of you about sewing! keep the emails coming!

Some fun things: There are so many to choose from! I love using sewing attachments whether they are vintage or new. I keep all my machines running and go back and forth between the sewing machine and the serger. Would you believe the serger did the first photo? Absolutely easy to gather and sew onto another fabric in one sewing pass.  The same can be done on the sewing machine using the double shirring gathering foot! Now aren't we a lucky bunch to have so much information at our hands?

 No matter what you are doing - keep sewing!
Happy Stitchery!

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