Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Serger Book Photo Shoot

What a fabulous 3 days spent at the photo shoot for my next book about serging! Busy mornings and afternoons spent shooting each shot of step-by-steps. Best part? Delicious lunches AND cheesecake! Need I say more? Long days and that cheesecake really helps! All done under gifted hands of the photographer. Christine you are way too great!

Next step is more editing, the layout, and designing each page. All to give you a clear and fun book about serging. Not hard work at all, especially with the help of a too FAB editor. Yep! Kelly you are wonderful!

In several days I will head back to the studio as they work on the cover shots. This is very exciting to just sit back and watch the designer at work. Such talent! I am always in awe of their finished work. Julie is an expert and you only have to look at my presently released book, The Sewing Machine Classroom, to see her results!

Back home and the first place to head is, of course, the couch! Way more tired than I would imagine, but satisfied.

Now I am unpacking the samples and getting the sewing room re-organized. Ready to begin some new projects!

Happy stitchery,

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