Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st

It is now officially December and holiday gift making is in full swing! 
I have my fabrics and yarns and working away. I always have more ideas than time - happens each year. There are so many creative ideas to find on the web. If ever at a loss of how to sew a nice pillowcase, crochet ribbed pillows, or all those other ideas you have, you can quite easily do a web search.

What fabulous web sites have you found? What are some "found" ideas while shopping? I saw the cutest purse made to look like Santa's hat! Time to think about that one!

I always find the men in the family harder to sew for. I know YOU have some wonderful ideas! Share them with us. Last night I continued to crochet pillow covers and add decorative edgings to tea towels.

Happy holiday time and don't forget to pamper YOU!

Happy Stitchery,


Monica D said...

I L*VE making embroidered gift towels sets. They have been a hit. My dh seems to L*VE me embroidering his caps. I have so many ideas but I am not producing enough work...Until...continue to be CREATIVE!

Charlene said...

Embroidering men's caps is a great idea! So hard to find things they like and all my family guys wear caps. Now why do we always have more ideas than time? If time could only stop for even one day and let all us ladies do out stuff! Keep on embroidering.