Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ready to start the new year!

Christmas is over and a wonderful time with the children and grandchildren! Always so nice to make presents as seems to give more of yourself? I would love to hear and see pics of what you made! Send any pics to and I will post to the blog. Share your talents!

I finally finished all the tiny Thread bears and now have set a goal to make one about 1 inch tall. Will be a challenge as don't have a pattern, but relaxing to do.
Also got several antique chairs that have been in the family. The material is a velvet of type. Now how should I clean them? Especially as they are so old, not even sure if new products will work. So need some suggestions!
Goals this week is to relax some more, and sew and crochet things just for fun! Also clean up the Christmas decorations. Over and done with as they say!

Happy Stitchery,

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