Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hello all FB friends! 
At times I don't write too often of late and must explain so you don't worry. For the past year my sister has been dealing with pancreatic cancer and multiple complications. When I am needed, I am at her side whether at the hospital or just dr appointments. She is doing well right now, and we are blessed to have her each and every day. 

I plan to donate 10% of my first royalties to a pancreatic cancer research organization. So feel honored when purchasing my new book, The Sewing Machine Classroom, that you are helping many others in need. Right now it and all items on my website are 40% off using the discount code    home2011.

Thank you and I am blessed to have you. May your Christmas holidays be full of joy. 

NOW, onward with our sewing and all needlework of sorts! You are all so creative in sewing, knitting, crochet, huck weaving, and sew much more. Right now I am following some instructions from my new book to spice and jazz up Christmas gifts. There is SEW much you can do with your sewing machine and a few attachments! Like this drawstring lunchbag. I am also working on crochet items.

Whether using fabric or yarns, nothing is so satisfying. All those lovely patterns, colors, and textures are just lovely! I really think I MUST have them all..... just to look at and dream of the many projects to make.

Happy stitchery!

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