Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thread Bears

A 2 1/5 inch bear? 
Absolutely the cutest! Crochet the bear and then sew or crochet their outfit. I am using cotton crochet thread #10 and a size 6 hook. I have seen the bears made from punch thread and just as cute! 

So far (after over an hour - but I did get a snack, and jumped up other times), I have finished the head! Adorable and so small. Can't wait to work on the rest of my little darling tomorrow. 
The original creator of the Thread Bear is Edith Molina. 
I found her fabulous instructions easy to follow.
Click to head to one of her sites and drool over the bears!

Until then - Happy Stitchery!
You are the talents of the next generation! 

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Anonymous said...

So cute!