Friday, January 27, 2012

Sewing and what else?

Sewers are always a crafty bunch! For me it is the luscious fabrics, trims, and notions I use for sewing and the mesmerizing threads, and yarns to just create. I was always fascinated by a quilt taking shape. Choosing the pattern, and fabric. Then cutting to create something totally new and beautiful. Each craft does the same, whether I am sewing or crocheting. Something new, beautiful, and at times useful is the result.

I have lots to share from my new book, The Sewing Machine Classroom! Work with fabric, threads, and add decorative elements to your sewing - and so much more. However..... I must have made the wrong New Year Resolutions as the couch potato again! One more illness to take me down for a bit. Can't get to the sewing room, so time to relax with some crochet.

Latest is a colorful Child's Blossom Purse, pattern number 60066 from Lion Brand Yarn. Also dressed up a tiny Kewpie doll. Had to "invent" this one but not bad for a first.

Next project, soon as off the couch is to make some "Operation Comfort Dolls". Found the article and pattern in my Sew News. Find the Comfort Doll Project blog and see how you can sew up some sweet and fast comfort cuties. They are given to woman who find themselves needing the comfort of a domestic abuse shelter. They let the woman know they are not alone. Will share some pics before I mail mine off. How many can you make and send? Head to the Sew News web site to find their address and contact person!

Happy Stitchery!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well again. Hope you get better soon.

Charlene said...

Thank you! Cant have better friends.