Thursday, February 2, 2012

Office Reorganization

There always comes a time when things are out of control or just not working in the best way. Not sure about you, but I can never get my mom's words out of my head, "Work before play." and "Everything has a place and it should be in it's place." So, from childhood to now, when my "play" area becomes messy or just not working as it should - I have to work before play!

Time to reorganize my office and in a big way. Too many items not necessary, and those that are - I might not find! This is actually one long room in the house and divided by the bookcases. Works great and movable. That's where the reorganization comes in - BIG TIME! Actually moving the office (minus those unnecessary things) to the other side of the bookcases. Just turn them around and ready to start! OK, easier said than done and that is not my part at all. All the heavy and sweaty work is for hubby.

These are the present and "Before" pics. As this project continues (and I do plan to have the major items moved by late tomorrow afternoon), will show pics and of course show you the "After". Fingers crossed it turns out like what is in my head. Scary, right?

 Tucked in those drawers and cabinets are all the lovely attachments, books, and sewing notions. Yes, you can see my collection of yarn. It appears to be growing as quickly as my fabric stash in the sewing studio! 

Happy stitchery!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm planning on showing off your book when I get to show off my vintage machines at my quilt guilds show in March. Good luck on the reorganization. I really need to go thru my quilting stuff, but, I just don't want to go in the basement to do it.

Charlene said...

THANK YOU for showing off my book along with your vintage machines. Now that is an honor to be along side gorgeous sewing machines!

Will just see how quick I get to the sewing studio to rid of clutter. Have many on the "to-do" list to do.... seems to grow.