Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bobbin Work

Sewing upside down can produce some interesting results, adding texture to your projects. This is called Bobbin Work. Do the stitching with heavy thread, metallics, pearl cotton, yarns, along with some ribbons. Whatever you use will produce a very different end result.

The bobbin actually is the right side when you are finished. Remember - the looser the tension, the loopier the stitches. Do some trial samples and adjust accordingly. What you are using in the bobbin is so much heavier than regular sewing or bobbin thread. 

I wind the bobbin slowly by hand. The thicker thread does take up more space on the bobbin, so you are getting less thread to work with. Plan on several bobbin changes.

I tend to use the open toe foot or free-motion. This gives me ample viewing area.
I choose a straight or even decorative stitch, and begin with a stitch length of 3mm and can go clear up to 5mm. The stitch width is 0 for straight stitch.

Enjoy the process!
Happy stitchery,

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