Friday, March 9, 2012

How do you store your fabric?

For a while my fabric was pretty organized. Then I worked on the second book, The Sewing Machine Classroom, and got a little disorganized. Almost immediately I began the third book, Simply Serging, and the chaos grew! Now I am working on several quilts, and some embroidery and NOW it is ready for total do-over. I almost forgot, I came home with over 2 large bins of fabric from my sister.

I started sorting things out and thought "piece-of-cake" BUT the more fabric I got out of the bins, the more I couldn't decide just how I wanted to put it all together. Do I match up for new quilts, totes, and accessories OR do I match by color OR do I match by design such as butterflies, frogs, paisleys, etc.

How do you organize your fabric? Share your tips and we will ALL benefit from your ideas!

I already had my scrap bins, and my bin for fat quarters, and the shelf held some by color - which all needs redone now. Sooooooo...... what are your tips?

I love to use open bins, open shelves, and baskets. I get inspiration from just seeing the colors and designs. I have plenty of places, spots, and baskets. Now I just have to decide just how to sort.

The one thing I do know - placing the lovely scraps I gathered for my Sunbonnet Sue quilt.

Happy Stitchery,


Karen in Kentucky said...

First, I match for quilts into smaller plastic containers, which I know you're not supposed to use, but what else is there??? Then, I organize byyardage into "types," for example,Civil War, 1930s, baby, solids, asian, batiks, red & whites (because I'm collecting those right now), polka dots,stripes, homespuns (for a plaid log cabin,)tone on tone ivory and tone on tone whites, black, florals,(just did a floral log cabin and want to make more,) wide backings, novelties, Christmas, Fall, and Halloween. I think that's it. I also have a stack of substantial sized pieces left over from other projects (like 1/2 yd. size or larger) and then a larger tub of truly scraps. This works for me! I tend to buy fabrics in sets anyway. I find something on sale and buy a set of it; at least enough to make a quilt.

Charlene said...

Those plastic bins do come in handy, don't they Karen. My sister does the same and at times she will also put the quilt pattern she is wanting to do along with the fabric. Right now I am collecting retro, plaids, butterflies, frogs - Oh my gosh! No wonder I have so much of a fabric mess right now. Today into the sewing room I go! Fabric is all over the floor.

jbsews said...

I prefer to divide by color. It just makes more sense to my brain that way.