Monday, April 30, 2012

Miniature Quilts and Crochet

What have you been working on lately? With summer almost here (finally we have a day in the 80s and not raining - yet), there is still plenty of time in the day to sew. I admit my sewing room is the coolest in the house so on hot summer days, it is perfect!

I have been working on miniature quilts. They sew together fast and help use up many fabric scraps. Their small size is wonderful for machine quilting - or even hand quilting. Right now I am working on a lovely daisy miniature. I needed something to work on in the evening. It is relaxing and the challenging part is to keep your stitches from showing. Not doing too bad right now. Hand work is much slower, but sometimes it is just nice to slow things down a bit. Our lives are so fast paced!

I am working from an easy to understand book, make mine mini, by Christine Carlson. 

Years ago I made a miniature wall hanging for my mother. No pattern used but I did go from a pic in a book. So many years ago I can't remember the name. This would have been the first miniature I made. If you don't count the blankets I made for my Barbie years ago!

Not sure why I didn't add "Mrs. Cardinal". They are always together!

I am also crocheting. Found a book that has about 75 different granny squares! I only have about 10 done so far, but if I can make it to the last one - maybe a quilt?

So, what are you working on? No matter what it is - just have fun!

Happy Stitching!


Unknown said...

I love the idea of a mini
I'd love to see your progress with granny squares
I am crocheting, more crochet and lots more

Charlene said...

I will continue to put more pics of the granny squares as I go along. So nice as learning new techniques.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cute block and mini quilt.