Friday, July 6, 2012

Singer Serger Professional

Guess what UPS just delivered! YES! The Singer Professional 5 Thread, 14T968DC. Quickly opened the box of course!
THANK YOU SINGER! This is a gorgeous 5 thread and it can everything but clean my house (now if it could do that, I could sew more!).
No problem setting up and now to thread and just have fun! I am sure you know what my evening will be spent doing :) AND I also have so many feet to play with - comes with the machine and easy to use; I promise you.

Promise pics in the next few days showing what this lovely can do. I am SO EXCITED!

Happy Stitchery,


2ne said...

Congratulation - the sewingmashine looks great :-)

precision engineers said...

After oiling your machine run stitches on some scrap fabric before you tackle your project. This allows oil to escape on to the scraps, if it's going to, instead of the project you are working on.