Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Singer Serger

Finally had some "play" time between selling our house and buying another - plus the beginning of packing to move! Whew! So time-consuming and tons of paperwork!

Played with the gathering and beading feet. There is such potential to these feet! Everything is very easy to do. Comes with a workbook CD which guides you through every step of the way.
 Next, I worked with the coverstitch. Below is the front and the backside. After about 20 minutes I had a swatch of fabric decorated and ready to sew into a pillow.

The 4-thread safety stitch is a fabulous stitch. Very durable with the straight stitch (actually is the chainstitch).

A VERY important note about the 4-thread safety stitch is to watch the seam allowance. If your pattern calls for a 5/8" seam allowance, you have to remember the chainstitch takes up a tad more. If you line the fabric up with the 5/8" line - the seam allowance will really be 6/8". Important to line your fabric up accordingly.
 (the chainstitch -straight stitch is on the edge of a 1" line - near my finger. To the far right is the fabric the serger cut off. You can see the seam allowance is actually 6/8", instead of 5/8")

I have a folding sunhat that just begs for the coverstitch - thinking decorative threads and maybe some metallic. 

Happy Stitchery!


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