Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thank you

Thank you all very much for prayers and thoughts. Amazing there still isn't a lot of research and public knowledge about pancreatic cancer. I hope to begin sending a percentage of business profit to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network - both sewing and Mary Kay Cosmetics. They have valuable information for patients; sending many books and pamphlets. Their website is

We have more "on our plate" in the Phillips household - MOVING! Garage is full of packed boxes and house gets emptier and emptier. Hoping to close soon so I can find all my stuff! Closing on our house (SOLD!) hoping to be about end of month. So packing and more packing.

Must be in the family. Daughter is house hunting and packing. Son and daughter-in-law have their home for sale. Anyone looking for a large nice home in Hamilton, Ohio should check it out. I have always been amazed when you enter the house. Doesn't look as large on the outside, but inside is tons of room! On and I think also Nice if they sold before granddaughter enters first grade, as may be in another school district. Click and check out all the photos!

Once again, thank you for your thoughts. I could feel so many prayers and virtual hugs! Soon, will head back to the sewing room and get some more projects started and others finished! Will be fun to plan out and set up the sewing room once we move. Pics later on :)

Happy sewing and continue to bless each day,

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