Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The "new" house

Moving is certainly stressful! They say timing is everything and it couldn't be more true than selling and buying houses. We closed on the new house on a Thursday and the next day closed on the sold house on Friday. Had the weekend to move! A GIANT thank you to family for all the help. Moving day everyone pitched in with trucks, trailers, cars, and very nice sized closed trailer. Our movers ranged in age from 3 to 83; from grandkids to my dad. Best part? Having sister-in-laws who cooked a scrumptious meal for everyone! By the end of the day all of our belongings were packed (or stuffed) into the garage! Next step was to make the house livable..... back of the house below looks fairly good. Wait 'til you get indoors....

The house is a 1910 farmhouse and very solid!
 Cabinets will be painted all white. All carpet has now been ripped up!
Do you know how many staples and nails have to be pulled to get the floor ready to just mop? Hundreds!

 Before we bought the house, someone stole the copper. Makes it unlivable until fixed and have some water! Thankfully we are living in our 5th wheel camper.

 Love the stripes? The door (unfinished) leads to huge storage closet.

 How about some racing stripes? Another huge closet in this room. THIS is my sewing room.
All nice sized rooms and a dormer window in each one. Plenty of light to sew.
Carpet has been ripped up from both rooms. Gee.... should I keep the racing stripes?...LOL...

 Old plumbing to be replaced and that lattice "wall" going up the stairs? GONE!

 Abby has found her place in the camper! She sleeps on top the couch and has lots of windows to look out of. Then of course, she has to snuggle under the blanket!

 NEW DOORS! Front, back, and garage. The back door was kept closed with just a padlock....grin. Just having doors that completely close and lock is a huge deal. Deck has now been "rearranged" into a nice seating area. Plants finally have found a place to show off their blooms and color!

Carpet? GONE! Staples? Now GONE!
Didn't think a hand could swell up after a day's work.
 Stairs are fairly steep. Careful moving all my machines and sewing boxes up these!

 The soon-to-be TV room, off the front room of the house. Was bright red with wallpaper border.

 Abby is certainly the supervisor!

 The front room before we began. Yep! that is my freezer in the room! 
Not it's permanent spot for sure....grin....
 Kitchen area has become "tool" central.

 Lovely pattern and colors for a quilt!

This was the "red" room.
 Lattice gone.

 Stairs are now clean. Notice all the staples - carpet pad still stuck to them. 
Stairs alone had to have at least 100 of them!
Ready to clean some more, paint white, and add a carpet runner.

 No water means no laundry at the house. Haven't been in a laundrymat for at least 30 years!

 TV room almost done in this pic. Now have white blinds up, and ready to add some finishing touches such as side tables, table lamp, plants. Wall pics later on.
Nice large walk in closet off this room. That will be the "computer" room and Mary Kay area.
Large enough to add computer table, and antique cupboard to hold Mary Kay products.
For now we will place room carpets throughout the house, in each room. Later will work on the floors. Wood and thinking a nice rich color.

Next room! Ready to have holes repaired with drywall mud, paint with primer and paint.
About 15 years ago the entire house was pretty much gutted, with concrete actually poured on the first floor. A major ordeal to get the gravel and concrete in through a window. Makes a VERY solid foundation. Entire house was updated electrically. Someone did a lot of work years ago. Almost like building a new house! Shame we still have loads of work to do to get livable, but well worth it!
Color throughout house is an antique sage. Want to keep everything fitting to a 1910 farmhouse; with some ornate Victorian touches throughout. Can't wait to start adding color with pillows, pictures, and accessories! I have two gorgeous Victorian chairs that will fit perfectly! Deep maroon color and ornate wood. Can't wait to see this room finished!

Tomorrow we get water, and then can really start cleaning and painting the kitchen, bathroom, and floor tile. Have one room finished and only 5 rooms to go! Seems to take an enormous amount of time to just prepare the rooms before even painting!

At this point we have been working on the house for 9 days. One full day was spent outside digging up and hauling stones and rocks from the yard. A hodge-podge of flower beds. Time to think about landscaping much, much later!

At this point all of my sewing machines, fabric, threads, books, etc. is stuffed deep in the garage. Starting to get major withdrawal! May just rip the racing stripes off the wall (or should I leave them....LOL.....), have the sewing table set up (major job as it is about 8 feet long and now in 2 or 3 pieces), and start finding my fabric! Wood floors will come later and maybe even the paint. Right now, let's just get it cleaned and a room-sized carpet on the floor! I want to hear those machines start humming again. I have pillows to make, and maybe even a shower curtain!

Some fabulous sewing news! I am working on an article for Threads magazine and will share step-by-steps and ideas for some more vintage sewing attachments!

Happy Stitchery!
Share what you are sewing so I can live vicariously through you!!!

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Wow! Lots of work, but, it will all be worth it. I'd paint that room before I move in my machines. I don't think that those stripes would help my thought processes very much. I can't share much, since I had vein surgery last Friday, and I've been in recovery mode. I'm designing blocks for the Wicked Blog Hop that will be the end of Oct. I finally started cutting some fabric earlier today. Got to get lots done before the next vein surgery in a little over a week. I learned paper piecing (need to post some pictures) on my hand crank, so, several things in my Wicked blocks will be paper pieced. At least I can prop up my legs (required) and still work the hand crank. Keep up posted on the work on the house. BTW, I have hardwoods in half the downstairs and I love them (my feet don't, though). We've had these floors for 9 years now. They hold up great. The dogs love to 'slide' across them while chasing toys. Give Abby a treat for me.